The Hopeless Completist’s OR the Rom Checklist

All high praise and glorification goes to Lee Seitz and Gary Martin, Jr. for creating the ORIGINAL website ROM, Spaceknight Revisited!, which I constantly use to check myself and find new ROM treasures. This is simply my attempt to add to that bank of Galadorian knowledge, and assist other ROMpals out there. Like the guys, I’ll follow their format of categories:

  • Action Figure – the toy that inspired it all.
  • Comic Book – the comic itself, not the stories therein.
  • Enemies – Dire Wraiths, super villains, and more.
  • Friends – The Torpedo, supporting cast, other Spaceknights, and super heroes.
  • Other Media – the non-comic book products Rom appeared on or in.
  • Spaceknights LS – the Spaceknights limited series that Marvel published in 2000.
  • Fan Art – non-canon appearances of our favorite Spaceknight.