Reference images of Brandy Clark as Hybrid’s bride for commission artists

Here’s some reference shots of Brandy Clark as Hybrid’s bride, and a couple more. A few points to note:

Brandy is wearing a studded leather collar, the same color as her dress.
Brandy’s dress has a V-neck. with the collar it leaves a triangular opening in her front allowing for slight cleavage.
Though you cannot see, her red leather boots end in stiletto heels.
Her headpiece has a lace veil attached, that hangs on the sides and back of her head.
Her right wrist should have a studded leather bracelet matching the collar.
Her left wrist is has nothing on it.
Her stockings, which are without design except for the tops (which resemble fishnets) are held up by a single strap suspender in the front and back, which attaches to the bottom horizontal strap on the side of her dress. 
While under Hybrid’s trance, Brandy become very seductive, but never slutty. (Fine line, I know. )

I hope this helps you. Remember to create your own piece of art, using your own unique style. I am looking for interpretations, not copies. If you’re unsure you can always send me a message here or by email.      -Thanks!

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