The Numerology of ROM, Spaceknight

So, this is a quirky little part of my ROM collection. In 2016, I won an eBay auction for a set of ROM Spaceknight issues, and several were described as reader condition with some writing on the cover and pages. Ended up getting 10 issues like that, and definitely in reader condition only. It wasn’t until I received them and starting looking closer that the mystery developed. True, there was writing on them, but not drawing mustaches on the villains or filling in the coupon to get your very own pair of real x-ray glasses. There were instead numbers, along the top and the side of each page. And along the bottom were totals, with labels “look”, “read”, & “words”. The top corner seemed to be a total of the horizontal and vertical numbers, and those number corresponded to the front page totals. I eventually decided that someone had counted the words. I could not figure out “look” or “read.” I contacted the seller, to be told that they were part of a collection he had purchased, and had no idea what any of it meant, nor how to contact his client. I think he was worried I wanted a refund, but that was not the case at all. I was fascinated. I can only imagine some college student, counting words, taking notes, and preparing a thesis statement on the mythological correlations between ROM and Zeus, with the other Spaceknights being the gods from Olympus. Or something more mysterious, like divulging the location of DB Sweeney’s hide out and secret stash. I have no idea, but I think it’s pretty cool. My own X-File, of sorts.

That’s my story. I hope you enjoy.. (1/10)

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