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ROM Spaceknight is one of my favorite comics ever. Written almost completely by one man over the course of 75 issues, 4 annuals, and numerous cameos in other comics, ROM Spaceknight is the story of the loss of humanity and the search for it again. What happened to its creator, the man who wrote almost every single appearance of ROM, Bill Mantlo ( is terrible and a tragedy and bound to bring a tear to your eyes even if you don’t know who he is at the VERY least.

So, a bunch of folks are getting together to redraw ROM Spaceknight Issue 1, one page at a time in their own styles, both to raise awareness for what Mr. Mantlo has gone and is going through and to raise money for his continuing medical care (relevant links in the post linked to above). And also, to show their appreciation for the man. And to show their appreciation for the fictional character(s) he created.

So do what you can for Bill Mantlo. And if you ever get the chance to read ROM Spaceknight, do so.

edited to correct the issue count (can’t believe I wrote 70 first instead of 75)

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