Rom for Galador by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART

This was for the Challengers Assemble Sketch blog, this week the theme
was “Rom the Spaceknight”. This Theme refers to the Marvel comics
character from the 1980’s. Rom the spaceknight was a comic marvel put
out in the 80’s as part of a toy line tie in, the toy did not sell but
the comic book was very popular so much so his tech was a plot point in a
major X-men story line. Because Rom is owned by another company the
comic run has never been reprinted plus Rom can’t be used in any marvel
comics. So for this week’s theme I decided to do Rom and the other
Spaceknights may he live forever in Legend.

here is the link. Go
to that site it’s a really cool  Sketch blog that has a variety of
themes mostly comic books and it’s a super fun way to do a one sketch a
week. I totally encourage everyone to participate in the sketch blog and
its themes it’s tons and tons of fun as well as a great creative

I created this illustration made with a my wacom tablet and the program Adobe IllustratorCS6 with several layers

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